Today 4/24/2024.   Welcome on "Suite Aucept".I am retired since the sale of my web agency in 2004, aucept is the contraction of its name : |- "AUde-conCEPT" -|.
I have always kept my passion for programming, I had fun creating this interface, an incomplete anthology of my internet activity.

You will find :
- my personal and professional sites currently available online.
- my freeware personal and public apps.
- my personal freeware icon collection.
- and some archives that survived from computer hazards.

I wish you a pleasant visit.

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Your attention :
Aude-concept agency was closed in June 2004.
Today, between business closures and necessary makeovers, only my archives remain.
- Crashes of hard disks, changes of PC... certain files are lost, degraded... possibly not restorable.
- Development in php3 and in the prehistoric conditions of the time.
- The transition to php7 and current technologies sometimes requires too much work for the interest of this section.
Therefore, only the visuals and/or basic functions are sometimes restored and presented.
Ultimately, this listing is only a small part of Aude-Concept's activity (2000 to 2004).
Thank you for your indulgence.

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